Are you ready to change your life by getting clear on what you really want and GOING for it?

20th-22nd September 2021

This challenge is going to get your clear on what you want, what is holding you back,
and the practical steps to take to achieve your goals.

Maybe you've got an "on paper" great career, but you still feel like there's something missing.  
Maybe you feel stuck in a job that depletes you rather than lights you up.

Do you know that something needs to change, but you just don't know where to start?


In this FREE 3 DAY CHALLENGE, you will...


...on what you DO and DON'T want from your career

You don't need to know exactly which career you want to move into straight away. 

But you do need to know what you want, and crucially, what you don't want from your career.

Together we'll discover what lifestyle you want and what you want your career to allow for.


...that are holding you back from more fulfillment

Maybe you know what you want from your career, but the problem is something is holding you back from taking action.

We'll talk about fears, beliefs, 'excuses', time management, money and overcoming external pressures.

Together we'll uncover what might be subconsciously blocking you from making the right steps towards so much more fulfilment in your life


...and lay out the practical steps to achieve them

Are you ready to create your dream fulfilling and purpose-led career?

Take the first step and join my FREE 3-DAY CHALLENGE

Take the first step and join my FREE 3 day challenge.

Places are limited so register now to secure your space. 

I’ve been exactly where you are now, unfulfilled by my career, but scared to make a change, not knowing what to change to....

And that is why I have created this FREE 3 Day Challenge to help you get clear on what
you want.
To understand what does bring you real fulfilment, what is stopping you from chasing your dream job and how you practically overcome those roadblocks to achieve your goals.

It's easy to set goals, but without the proper framework they can all too easily fall by the way side.

Together we'll make a clear plan with practical steps to ensure you achieve your goals and get on the path to that fulfilling and purpose-led career

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- Invited to an exclusive group to support you even further during the challenge
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- Be part of a group of like-minded women who are serious about making a change in their career in the next 3-6 months 
- Receive a 15 minute 1:2:1 call to review what you have learnt through the challenge and how this can support your career change

Serious about committing to changing
your career?

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Discover How Fiona Has Supported Women

"Thank you for this course. For the first time I was made to really reflect on who I am and what I want. While it wasn't always easy to do that kind of reflection, I've discovered so much about myself and have confidence in moving forward to create something new. I'm excited about what's to come :)"

Amy Mecalf

"Joining Fiona's coaching programme was the best thing I have ever done
The sessions gave me so much, opened my eyes...Fiona helped me to identify the challenges which were holding me back and realise that I am on my own journey.
I can't recommend Fiona enough, you will discover so many beneficial things about yourself." 


Meet Your Coach & Mentor
Fiona Moss

Fiona Moss is a career coach and business mentor supporting women to escape their unfulfilling job and achieve more with their life in a purpose-led career.

She specialises in helping women achieve more of their potential and create real fulfilment in their lives, by supporting them to move from overwhelmed to empowered in a career they love.

Fiona understands what it's like to feel stuck in an unfulfilling career thinking that there is no way out. To have to strip everything back and feel like you are starting again. To worry about falling behind your friends, to questioning your decisions, to fear making mistakes, to lie awake at night worrying, to feel overwhelmed and confused daily.

But she also knows what it takes to turn challenges into triumphs and create a career and business (and life) that provides her with the freedom and lifestyle she deserves.

And you deserve that too. 

So, if you are ready to find more fulfilment in your career, get up every day with a sense of purpose, to start to realise your untapped potential and to begin to set up a life you love, then let's do just that, together!

"I knew things would change for me, but I had never imagined how much my life would actually change! I have made such amazing progress in such a short time because Fiona allowed me to really question my own limiting beliefs, which allowed me to gain real clarity and start taking action."

Sophie Parton

Just Like You...


Get the clarity you need on your career and what you want, identify what's holding you back and lay out a pathway to achieve the career of your dreams


Kickstart your business, find confidence as a business owner and meet a
 community of women-entrepreneurs to inspire you to set up your dream business...



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