I did Fiona’s 4-day immersive action course in Summer 2020 and immediately felt a new energy and perspective. Things that felt like challenges now felt like opportunities and I felt empowered to stop putting them off and start exploring them.

After completing the course I decided to do 1 to 1 coaching with Fiona and it’s been one of the best investments I could have made.

I never thought  I could have the clarity and confidence about the career change that I’ve always dreamed about that I do now. The coaching has also illuminated other parts of my life where I was unconsciously stuck and given me the awareness and strategies to navigate.

This is all thanks to Fiona’s approach to challenge your own limiting beliefs and find focus and empowerment within to create the life you actually want.

I said to Fiona recently that I think this is how life is meant to have always felt. After years of feeling stuck I only wish I’d done it sooner"


"For a few years I’ve wanted to make a career change that would more closely align to my values but lacked the confidence and knowledge about making the shift....

I have made such amazing progress in such a short time because Fiona allowed me to really question my own limiting beliefs, which allowed me to gain real clarity and start taking action. I have loved every minute of working with her and would highly recommend her.
If you are really ready to start making a difference and stop believing your own negative chatter then Fiona is the right coach for you.”


“I knew things would change for me but I had never imagined how much my life would actually change!

She kept getting me to see that it's always our own choices, we're the one in control, the need to stop to review and be mindful, regularly check in, and question how society and culture and history tell us to be. I am so grateful that Fiona has helped me be more resilient through changes in our life, and especially the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything feels like an opportunity now, because I let it.
Thank you again from the very middle of me Fiona."


“Fiona got me using my strengths... 

My sessions with Fiona helped me to put myself first (without feeling bad for doing so!) and to start saying no, rather than yes to everything that came my way! Fiona's coaching enabled me to figure out exactly what I want in my life and I am now beginning to take steps towards living the life that I really want to live! I will be forever grateful to Fiona – Thank you so much! ”


“Before I started my coaching sessions with Fiona, I had a never ending to do list, was trying to juggle everything and felt stressed out.

She has given me the courage to step into my true authentic self and to find a lifestyle that resonates with my values; along with clarifying what I’d like to pursue as a career. Exciting stuff! Here’s to moving forward."


“With Fiona’s knowledge and encouraging energy, our sessions have been a huge support for me. 

The sessions gave me so much, opened my eyes and taught me to put myself FIRST. Fiona helped me to identify the challenges which were holding me back and realise that I am on my own journey and I can take it at my own pace.
I can't recommend Fiona enough and I will guarantee you, you will discover so many beneficial things about yourself. And mainly, you will look forward to every single session."

"Joining Fiona’s Coaching programme was the best thing I have ever done.