Time to stop feeling confused & overwhelmed about setting up your business. 
Set up your business with confidence and clarity and create real results form the word GO.


Next Intake: 1st November 2021

Are you ready to Step Up and Set Up your Business?

This programme will help you to STEP UP and SET UP so that you can launch with impact in your respective field and create real results as you build your client base from the word go & you will finally start living your BIG ASS dreams!

So you have qualified in your new field, you feel excited about getting going with your new business, BUT not sure where to start? Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed about setting up your business?

Then, you’re in the right place!

This programme is for you if...

You are ready to start your business but are asking yourself "what on earth do I do now? How do I start and run a business?" 

You have BIG ASS dreams and are ready to start living them 

You’re overwhelmed by all the information out there but have no idea where to start

You are confused about how you will get clients and make money 

You worry that there are so many people out there in your respective field that you will never stand out 

You are procrastinating over the right next step 

You are ready to create more opportunity and freedom in your life but don't know the right first step to get there

You want to launch with real impact in your respective industry and get clients from the word GO

If you said YES to any of the above, STEP UP & SET UP IS the PERFECT fit for you and the answer you have been waiting for...


You don't know what you want to do with your career or what business you want to set up 

You already have an established business and are looking to scale up (if this is you, drop Fiona a message)

You don't want to do the work to build an incredibly fulfilling life for yourself

You don’t like to learn and take action

You don’t want to dream big and achieve your potential

You might not be ready for this programme if…

Discover How Fiona Has Supported Women

"After working together I came away with this new feeling of motivation and a new lease of life to actually start taking real action in my business" 

Charlotte Reynolds 

"The list is endless for what I have achieved working with you.

What we have gone through I didn't even know was possible to be able to achieve" 

Lauren Robins

"I knew things would change for me, but I had never imagined how much my life would actually change! I have made such amazing progress in such a short time because Fiona allowed me to really question my own limiting beliefs, which allowed me to gain real clarity and start taking action."

Sophie Parton

Just like You...

 9 modules designed to help you break through your SUCCESS CEILING!

I'm ready to Step Up & Set Up

Ready to build and launch your business and create real results?  

1. Know your Niche and Ideal Client
2. Branding
3. Build your Website 
4. Setting up a business 
5. Build your confidence as a business owner
6. Money mindset and creating packages
7. Marketing your Business  
8. Building a Launch Plan 
9. Selling and how to get clients

Inside this 6-months coaching programme you will benefit from:

2 x 30 minute 121 with Fiona during the programme to uncover your potential and track your goals (worth £400)

2 X 1 hour Q&A coaching calls with me or a support coach every month (worth £3600)

9 modules including resources, videos and workbooks to help you Build, Launch and Grow your business (worth £4400)

Accountability partnerships to motivate you to show up for yourself and others. 

A community of like-minded individuals who will support you through everything!

Monthly webinar with a guest expert to support you to look after yourself whilst building your business. (worth £1800)

TOTAL VALUE £10,200 

Meet Your Business Mentor
Fiona Moss

Fiona Moss is a career coach and business mentor supporting women to escape their unfulfilling job and achieve more with their life in a purpose-led career.

She specialises in helping women achieve more of their potential and creating real fulfilment in their lives, by supporting them to move from overwhelmed to empowered whilst working strategically with them to set up their business which helps them to create the life that they dream of! 

Fiona understands what it's like to strip everything back and feel like you are starting again. To build a business from scratch not having a clue what you should be doing. To make mistakes, to lie awake at night worrying, to feel overwhelmed and confused daily. But she also knows what it takes to turn challenges into triumphs and create a business and life that provides her with the freedom she deserves. 

And you deserve that too. 

So, if you are ready to set up a business and create the life you are dreaming about, but feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about where to even start, Fiona will help you to take real action and move forward with confidence and clarity and start to realise that potential of yours. 


We recommend 2 weeks per module. We guide you through each module and how long each should take you. We have specifically ordered the modules in such a way to help you build your business in the best way possible.

We recognise some of you may be a little further a head than others which is why we enable you to access 3 modules at a time. Whilst all of the modules dive into a specific topics, they have all been created cohesively to ensure your business comes together as impactfully as possible, to help you launch with great success and start to create results quickly.

The Accelerator package includes: an additional 1 hour call every month, voxer access to me. This is specifically for those who are serious about putting in the work to build and launch quickly.

Are You Ready To Step Up and Set Up?

In just 6 months, you’ll be able to launch with impact in your respective field and create real results...



Everything you are feeling right now is valid. Those fears, those questions you are asking yourself, those what-ifs. And you have probably sat with those fears and questions for months, maybe even years.

But the reality is, all they have done is stop you. Stop you from taking action, stop you from moving forward, stop you from achieving the goals you want to achieve, stop you from creating the life you want to create. 

But I want you to ask yourself, how much longer are you going to let those fears hold you back from the freedom, the fulfilment, the success you are more than capable of achieving?

You see I have been there, exactly where you are.
But I got to a point where I knew if I wanted to start achieving more with my life I needed to take bold action.

In order to achieve what feels scary, maybe even impossible, we sometimes need to take big steps. So I want you to ask yourself right now, what do you want?

Because this isn't about just investing in a program - it's about making a fundamental investment into you and your future. 

Over the next 6 months you will have my complete love, support, knowledge and guidance as well as an incredible new community of boss babes ready to cheer you on every damn step of the way!

It is time to make that investment in you, in your life, in your goals, your dreams.
It's time to STEP UP & SET UP.

Plus, if I can do it, if my clients can do, if countless women out there can do it, so can you.
So let's do it together babes.

Fiona x