Find your purpose

.... and live it. 

purpose programme

Find your purpose to live a more fulfilled life so you feel like you are never working again.


Fed up of your meaningless job which gives you no sense of purpose? 
Fed up of feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, stuck? 
Fed up of feeling lost, like you are observing your life rather than living it?

Quit the BS.
We are not letting you do this anymore.
Life is too short.

Recognise your purpose and step boldly into a career which brings greater meaning to your life and allows you to live the life you are dreaming of.

Imagine a version of your life where you adore your job, you do work with purpose, you are achieving your potential, you know who you are to the very core of you and you are living your life unapologetically how you want to live it.

Who or what are you blaming for why you are in this position? Others? Society? Work? Money? Time? 

Finding excuses for why you can't make a change in your career.

So you might have read all the books, attended random webinars, applied endlessly for a new job, hoping you will find something 'better'. But nothing has worked, you are still miserable in your career. Why? Because your excuses are getting in the way, you won't commit and the truth is your not doing the REAL WORK.


Because the PURPOSE programme is not your normal career change programme. We don't talk interview techniques or CVS, it's about stripping back, letting go of all the BS, getting clear on who you are, why you are on this earth and what you want from this one precious life you have.

Right now this isn't about just investing in a program - it's about making a fundamental investment into you and your future, it's about living a life of purpose and fulfilment so you don't look back in regret.

Stop the excuses and take control.

...Let go of all the crappy rules, the unnecessary pressure, the external expectations about how you ‘should’ be living your life. 

...Strip it all back and ask yourself, what do you want and start to feel fulfilled every, damn, day. 

...Start to live your life again.

...Get sassy and say “This is about me now”. 

...Love your career and love your life.

...Find your PURPOSE and live it. 

Are you ready to...?

Are you one of them?

Supporting 100 women in 2022 to find their purpose.

This programme is for you if...

You’re completely fed up in your current career and know you need to make a change, but you have no idea what to change to or how to make it happen.

You’re desperate for a new start, but scared of the unknown and are being held back by a fear of failing.

You want to feel that your life actually has meaning and purpose and start living the life you are dreaming of.

You are ready to quit the BS, invest in yourself and your life and overcome what’s holding you back and do something to take back control of your life.

You know you have so much more potential which is current role isn't allowing you to tap into. 

You know that the time is now - because if not now, when?

For a few years, I wanted to make a career change that would align with my values more closely but lacked the confidence and knowledge about making the shift. After working with Fiona, things that felt like challenges now feel like opportunities, and I feel empowered to stop putting them off and start exploring them. I never thought I could have the clarity and confidence about the career change that I’ve always dreamed about that I do now. This is all thanks to Fiona’s approach to challenge your own limiting beliefs and find focus and empowerment within to create the life you actually want. I said to Fiona recently that I think this is how life is meant to have always felt. After years of feeling stuck, I only wish I’d done it sooner.

Sophie Luckett

I knew things would change for me, but I had never imagined how much my life would actually change! I have made such amazing progress in such a short time because Fiona allowed me to really question my own limiting beliefs, which allowed me to gain real clarity and start taking action.

Sophie Parton

Thank you so much for this course.
For the first time I was made to really reflect on who I am and what I want. While it wasn't always easy to do that kind of reflection, I've discovered so much about myself and have confidence in moving forward to create something new. I'm excited about what's to come.

Amy Medcalf

With Fiona’s knowledge and encouraging energy, our sessions have been a huge support for me. She has given me the courage to step into my true authentic self and to find a lifestyle that resonates with my values; along with clarifying what I’d like to pursue as a career.

Pippa Raine

I can’t remember the last time my heart has felt this full.

Since doing your course I have gone on SUCH a journey, so much personal growth has happened and so many opportunities have opened themselves up. While I still have opportunities opening up that I don’t have the full details of, I have built a life that I am truly happy and inspired by. I have things - friendships, opportunities, self love, excitement by life and direction - that I have always dreamt of but struggled to get/wasn’t sure I’d ever get back.

Thank you for making me realize that being me and looking after me is a good thing x

Amy M

Working with Fiona has changed my life! Firstly I have to say that Fiona is living embodiment of everything she teaches, she is supportive, warm, understanding, eloquent, kind, funny and yet fiercely brave, bold and unapologetic, she will ask you questions that will make you uncomfortable, you will find confronting at times and will push you, but trust me this is what you need in order to uncover and take action, Fiona knows this, has lived this and that’s why she does it and believe me she cares about you and wants the best for you! 

Her programs also do the same and it it will make you question EVERYTHING, although the main focus of her work is career based, it is through finding your passion, values and purpose so there is so much more to look at and work on from a personal level and for your current life that it will make you review, reconsider and start to make changes on so many aspects of yourself.

I know that if I hadn’t of done Fiona’s program and had her support I would not of uncovered and faced so much and started to move forward as I am.

If you want to discover who you are, make a positive change in your life and if you are looking for a woman who can inspire, guide and support you then you need to work with Fiona right now! 

Anna Del Molino

You already know what your dream career is and you have decided to set up your own business. (if this is you, check out the WILD Programme.)

You’re looking for an easy fix and don’t care about purpose or values. You don't want to do the work, to ask yourself big bold questions in order to build an incredibly fulfilling, purpose-led life for yourself.

You won’t invest in yourself or in creating a life which makes you truly happy.

This programme is definitely NOT for you if…

You are happy to continue to be constrained by rules and expectations, to make excuses about why nothing is changing for you.

You don’t want more purpose in your life.

Take a look inside

THE PURPOSE programme

Course Structure 

In Module 1 we will be exploring more about your WHY. We will be looking at your values and your purpose, to help better understand what really drives you, what is important for you and what, perhaps, is currently conflicting with your values which is making you frustrated in your current work.

In this module we will be diving into what makes you you. What are you passionate about, what are your strengths, your skills, and what make you feel at your best? This is where we get to start to start exploring to understand what is the right career for you that fulfils your purpose and allows you to create the life that you want to live!

In this module we will be exploring what is holding you back from your dream career and what beliefs do you have which are limiting you. We will look to reframe these beliefs and look at what action you can start to take to overcome these roadblocks to help you to stop waiting and start achieving more of your goals. 

In this module we will explore the power of investing in yourself; we will look at your relationship with money and explore practical solutions as to how to manage your money better. We will also look at your relationship with time and learn some key skills to not only create more time but be the master of your time.

In this module we begin to make a clear strategy to Plan your Change towards your dream career. Looking at what options  you have to make a transition into your dream career, how to network effectively and how to optimise your goal setting. 

In this module we will look at how  you can keep building beyond this course by discussing the importance of practicing your resilience, understanding and overcoming Imposter Syndrome as well as knowing the importance of Choice. 

6 on-demand teaching webinars with all the tools and strategies you need to make a change, level up your confidence, and find complete clarity on your next step.

Resources, videos and workbooks to help you lift the veil on limiting beliefs and unblock yourself from the opportunities all around you. 



RRP £2650




Payment Plan
£200 x 3 months

Full Payment

The 'why' behind Fiona's work....She has been there, exactly where you are.

Wanting more, not fully satisfied with her current circumstances.
Knowing that she can achieve more, that there is so much more potential untapped, but just not knowing how to make it happen.

She knew she didn't want to follow the standard path, to live the conventional life, she wanted more - so much more. A life of adventure, experience, a life that excites her every day. But whilst also doing work which she adores, that enables her to support others, that has real purpose. 

Creating all that wasn't easy. Being held back by the fear of failure, money, what other people think, beliefs keeping her on a path that wasn't fulfilling her. 


Meet Fiona Moss

By putting herself first she has been able to create a successful business, which fills her with purpose and fulfilment every day.
By putting herself first she has been able to move across the world to work remotely, to live a life of adventure, freedom and flexibility.
By putting herself first, she has created the life of her WILDEST DREAMS.


Having helped countless women to take BOLD steps in their life, Fiona is the go-to expert to help you to go from overwhelmed and struggling with life's many challenges to a life of purpose and fulfilment. She not only helps you to achieve your goals, but to push the boundaries of your dreams, achieve more of your potential, more success, more abundance and create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

So if you are ready to put yourself first and create the life beyond your wildest dreams, but feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about where to even start, Fiona will help you to take real action, quit the BS and move forward with confidence and clarity.