Success can be quite boring, right?


121 is exclusively for high achieving women, who are ready to go all in and say
YES to life.

For those who have already 'achieved success' for an external perspective, but on the inside they feel empty, unfulfilled and now asking,

For those asking the question,

"Ok, now what?"

"What does life really mean?"

This isn't your normal Coaching programme.
This is a JOURNEY like no other. 

Firstly I have to say that Fiona is living embodiment of everything she teaches, she is supportive, warm, understanding, eloquent, kind, funny and yet fiercely brave, bold and unapologetic.

She will ask you questions that will make you uncomfortable, you will find confronting at times and will push you, but trust me this is what you need in order to uncover and take action.

"Working With Fiona Has Changed My Life!"

If you want to discover who you are, make a positive change in your life and if you are looking for a woman who can inspire, guide and support you then you need to work with Fiona right now!

Anna Del-Molino

From the outside it may look like you have it all.

But on the inside are you thinking "there must be more to life than this"?

Ready to discover a whole new level of your potential, fulfilment & life itself?

Over a 6 month life changing, intimate journey with Fiona you will drastically shift your life, break your limiting beliefs, develop new perspectives and awaken your soul, to experience life in a way you have never experienced it before. 

  • You have achieved success in your career or business, but feeling unfulfilled and bored of the version of success you set yourself.
  • You want to go deep to awaken your soul, to find out what life really means.
  • You want to create more freedom and abundance in your life, to live a life of adventure and opportunity.
  • You want to redefine your definition of success.
  • You are fed up of living up to the status quo and want more.
  • You realise life is too short to live like this any more. 
  • You are serious about making huge shifts in your life and achieving so much more for yourself. No more playing small.

This is for you if...

...You are not ready to commit to your growth.
...You are not willing to open your mind to new ideas, perspectives and challenge your own way of thinking.
...You are not willing to invest in yourself, your business and your life.
...You are not ready to commit to creating a life of adventure, opportunity and freedom (whatever that may look like for you).

This is definately not for you if...

How we work together...

We work together intimately over a 6 month period to help you dive deep (really deep)  into making bold shifts in your life.


  • During the first 3 months we begin the process of diving into your goals, your deepest desires and your biggest limitations 
  • We create the building blocks for your 3 day IMMERSION to ensure maximum results during those 3 days 
  • During these first 3 months we have a VIP day together in person to really support our initial work together.


  • As part of your immersive experience, you will spend 3 days intimately with Fiona 121.
  • This is an invaluably intimate experience which will be uniquely tailored to you to support you to step outside of your comfort zone, strip back your fears and limiting beliefs whilst challenging yourself in ways you have never done before, in order to create a deepened sense of self awareness and understanding as well as developing the confidence to make bold steps in your own life.
  • *All expenses (excluding travel to the location) included.*


  • Following your IMMERSION we will work to integrate your learnings into your life, to really shift your life towards exactly what you desire. 
  • This is a significant period of growth, which I will fully support you through.


  • 2 x monthly 1 hour coaching sessions 
  • Voxer access for on-demand support
  • Access to one of Fiona's Group Programmes of your choice
  • Access to any Live event run by Fiona under £250

...I never thought that I could have the clarity and confidence about my career that I've always dreamed about than I do now.

This is all thanks to Fiona’s approach to challenge your own limiting beliefs and find focus and empowerment within to create the life you actually want. After years of feeling stuck I only wish I’d done it sooner".


Sophie Luckett

Fiona's 1:2:1 support is only for those who are committed to real, expansive growth. It is only for bold women ready to go all in.
Please do not apply if you are not fully committed to taking these steps.

Fiona has limited space for 121 coaching due to the level of support provided.
Please only apply if you are serious about committing fully to fiercely and unapologetically playing big in your business and life.

Ready for 6 months of life changing, deep, boldness?