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Ready to leave your unfulfilling job and find work that actually fills you with joy, purpose, and passion but fed up with career advice that is getting you no-where? 

Well it's time to cut through all the BS advice once and for all!

In this webinar I am going to tell you straight, what mistakes you are making which are keeping you a job you hate, what career advice to avoid if you want to find a career you love and 3 simple steps to changing your career with confidence.

Ready to get clear on how you can leave your unfulfilling career and step into a career (and life) you love?

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Common mistakes keeping you in a career you hate 


The WORST pieces of career advice to avoid


3 simple steps to changing your career with confidence

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"Thank you so much for the webinar. It was honestly almost therapeutic to hear other people feel the same way about their career/feeling trapped. Really refreshing to see so many people just being honest and open. It was amazing."


"For a few years, I wanted to make a career change that would align with my values more closely but lacked the confidence and knowledge about making the shift. After working with Fiona, things that felt like challenges now feel like opportunities, and I feel empowered to stop putting them off and start exploring them. I never thought I could have the clarity and confidence about the career change that I’ve always dreamed about that I do now. This is all thanks to Fiona’s approach."

Sophie Luckett

"I knew things would change for me, but I had never imagined how much my life would actually change! I have made such amazing progress in such a short time because Fiona allowed me to really question my own limiting beliefs, which allowed me to gain real clarity and start taking action."

Sophie Parton

Meet Your Career Coach 

The 'why' behind Fiona's work....She has been there, exactly where you are.

She knows what it feels like to feel stuck, unfulfilled, like you have forgotten what it means to be you. She understands what it's like to strip everything back and feel like you are starting again. She understands the pressures of parents, work, partners, friends, society, and how this just keeps you chained to a life which is making you more and more lost.


She understands that it's not easy to make a bold change in your life, but you always have a choice to. She understands how to turn challenges into triumphs. She understands how to do the work to find real purpose in your life in order to create a life you love.

By following her purpose she has been able to create a 6 figure  business, which fills her with purpose and fulfilment every day.
By following her purpose she has been able to move across the world to work remotely to live a life of adventure, spending the weekends adventuring in the jungle or climbing volcanoes.
By following her purpose she has created not just a life of fulfilment but one which provides her with the freedom she deserves. 


So if you are ready to find your purpose and create the life you are dreaming about, but feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about where to even start, Fiona will help you to take real action, quit the BS and move forward with confidence and clarity.

Fiona Moss

YES! You CAN live a life of purpose and passion with a fulfilling career doing exactly what you’re meant to do, what you were BORN to do.

Let's find out what lights you up together.

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