The Career Change Handbook

Your FREE Road Map to a Purpose-Driven Career

If you’re longing to leave behind your soul sucking career and find a job that you’re passionate about, then I have a gift for you! 

I have put together an incredible FREE handbook called The Career Change Handbook that will empower you with all of the tools you need to create your dream career.  


Find A New Career That Lights You Up! 

In this FREE handbook, you will discover...

Learn How to Find a Career That You Fulfills You

There is a common misconception that you have to accept that you’ll never love your job and always be living for the weekend. It is so possible to wake up every day excited about your career and feel wildly fulfilled. 

This FREE handbook will empower you with the tools you need to figure out your next career move. When you find your one-true-work-love and go all-in in pursuit of your purpose, you’ll never go back. 

Get My Expert Tips to Transition With Confidence and Clarity

Making a career change can feel scary, but it doesn’t have to be with the right guidance and support. This FREE handbook will give you my top tips that have helped my clients to find their purpose driven career path. 

You’ll learn how to let go of your limiting beliefs about what you think a dream career looks like and why you are so deserving of a life you love. 

Feel Empowered to Make the Leap and Live Your Dream Life

The truth is that there are many different paths and avenues that you can take to create a life and career that you love. However, when you’ve made that bold decision to create your dream life, you want to get there as fast as possible.

That’s why I have created this FREE guidebook to help you cut through the noise and get crystal clear on the exact steps you can take to create a career that you love. 


Discover How I've Supported Women Just like You...

"Fiona's coaching enabled me to figure out exactly what I want in my life and I am now beginning to take steps towards living the life that I really want to live."

Lorna Devine

"For a few years, I wanted to make a career change that would align with my values more closely but lacked the confidence and knowledge about making the shift. After working with Fiona, things that felt like challenges now feel like opportunities, and I feel empowered to stop putting them off and start exploring them.

I never thought I could have the clarity and confidence about the career change that I’ve always dreamed about that I do now. This is all thanks to Fiona’s approach."

Sophie Luckett

"She has given me the courage to step into my true authentic self and to find a lifestyle that resonates with my values; along with clarifying what I’d like to pursue as a career."

Pippa Raine

Meet Your Career Empowerment 
Coach & Mentor, Fiona Moss

Fiona Moss is a career empowerment coach, supporting women to escape their unfulfilling job and achieve more with their life in a purpose-led career.

She specialises in moving women from overwhelmed to empowered. Helping them realise that no matter the situation, no matter the challenges, you always have a choice about how you live your life.

Fiona’s philosophy is ‘prevent the preventable’, believing that so much devastation happens in our lives that we can’t prevent, such as health issues, disasters, etc. But, we CAN prevent our well-being and happiness from being negatively affected by our career. 

So, if you feel anxious about switching careers, feel like you’ve lost who you are, or have no idea what to change to make you happy. Fiona will help you avoid preventable problems and achieve your real career potential, so you can live a life of passion, not stress.

It’s time to say YES to a career that fills your life with purpose!

This FREE handbook is my gift to the passionate dreamers out there who are ready for more. 

Download your FREE The Career Change Handbook and go from “I’m too scared to change my career” to feeling completely empowered to make that transition and thrive.

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