Meet Fiona 

Yeah yeah, I made all the excuses too... 

Not enough time...Not the right time...I didn’t have the money... I have too many things going on right now, too many responsibilities, I would never be able to make that happen...What would everyone think?

The consistent overachiever in the unfulfilling corporate role.
The overwhelmed Millennial juggling social expectations and the life-shattering cancer diagnosis of my partner.
I was trying to be everything for everyone....everyone but me.
I had lost the very essence of who I was.
I was exhausted.
I was burntout.
I was miserable AF.

But worst of all I felt stuck like this. Not knowing what to do, how to change, what to change to. But I knew I had to change, because at that point I faced a choice;

Either I live this one life I have, miserable AF, or I do something about it.

Because no-one else will, and no amount of waiting around for a ‘better time’ will sort it either; life was proving that ‘better times’ don’t just happen, you have to create them.

It’s definitely not easy challenging everything you know 

But I soon learnt that no matter the situation or the challenges, you always have a choice about how you live your life and you can always find a solution to anything getting in your way. 
But if you really want to create a life that you love, that genuinely fulfils you, you will need to challenge some rules. You will need to rock the boat. 

You will need to stand up to some people and say
I don’t fucking want this anymore.
Sorry. Bye.

And so I did. I let go of trying to show up as the ‘good girl’. 

...I let go of social structures that told me what ‘milestones’ I should hit and when.
...I rejected traditional work patterns, Monday to Friday, 9-5, working from an office. 
...I challenged the idea of 'ladder climbing', of just 'living for the weekend'.
...I challenged other people's opinions and expectations.
...But most importantly I asked what do I want from my own life, what is going to make me ache with pleasure - and I did all the work to make it happen.
...(And absolutely nothing was going to stop me).

And as soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone, my life stepped up. 

I have created a business which provides me with financial freedom ...- that feeling the first time I made
+£20k/month... hell yes baby!

I have created a business which facilitates the adventurous, bold lifestyle I adore waking up to every day; travelling the world, spending the weekends hiking volcanoes, swimming in the Pacific ocean, experiencing life, breathing it’s very essence, feeling it to my core.

But most importantly I have created a business which gives me unparalleled purpose and fulfilment, as I help my clients to do exactly the same,  to put two fingers up to the life that was making them miserable, to step unapologetically away from their excuses, and to create what they deserve, a life in which they thrive, a life they adore.

I did that. I created that.

And trust me babes, if I can pull myself out of that hole and do all of this, then you can too.

I know myself better than ever before. Fiona has helped me to get under the surface of who I am, as a single mum of 2. To pause and remember “who is Nicola”, what excites me, what my values are and what brings me purpose. 
2021 has been a big year for me and I am so proud I have taken these steps for change and to step into my new business. I realise now you can’t sit in decisions for too long, because otherwise you sit in them forever. After taking the first step I feel like I have discovered a whole new world and my tribe.
All I would say is take the step, be brave and just go for it, you have nothing to lose and there is so much to gain. 

- Nicola Mullen


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