My storY, ITS BEEN quite the journey ... 

From the consistent overachiever, to the unfulfilled corporate employee taking part in the commercial rat race.
The overwhelmed Millennial juggling social expectation with the life-shattering cancer diagnosis of my partner.
The burnout professional, to dedicated business owner.

My journey has been exhausting
(I feel exhausted even writing it down!)
But as I moved from overwhelmed to empowered, I learnt two critical points. Firstly, you always have a choice, no matter the situation, no matter the challenges you always have a choice about how you live your life.  
Secondly, if you want to create something new, you need to challenge some rules…
(... and here’s a hint, the bigger the rule you challenge, the bigger the change.)

And so I did. I challenged the idea of 'ladder climbing', of just 'living for the weekend'. I challenged other people's opinions and expectations but most importantly I challenged my own beliefs. 

I questioned what was keeping me chained to a job and a lifestyle that provided me with no purpose or fulfilment. 
I worked hard on understanding my purpose, on recognising what fulfils me, what career would allow me to really thrive. 
I re-wrote the rule book and created the change I needed to not only build a career in which I find true purpose but which also enables me to live a reality with more freedom, more opportunity, but importantly more fulfilment.

I went from rule follower to rule maker. 

I started to ask
"What do I actually want?"

“Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.”
― Simon Sinek

So are you ready to challenge expectations, discover your purpose and move into a career
  which allows you to live a more fulfilled reality? 


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