Bored of playing small and ready to hit 6 figures and beyond? 

Ready to commit to your most abundant, adventurous sexy life yet? 

Ready to get in deep (and I mean really deep) in order to take those bold, unapologetic steps towards that life you deserve?

Ready to quit the BS, to be the bold, fierce, business owner you know you are?
To live up to your potential?
To create more of the life you want?

Have you set up your purpose-led bold business but now feel stuck?
Like you can't shift gear, get to that next level?
Like something is holding you back from hitting those magic six figures (and beyond).

Are you on the edge of something great but feel like you can't quite get in?

If you are a real business badass and ready to go all in and expand your business, your finances, your life and your self, then this handbook is for you.

Meet Your Business Coach & Mentor

Fiona Moss is a business mentor supporting women to escape the restraints and rules of society, holding them back from living a life they adore. She specialises in helping women to achieve more of their potential and to live a life that right now is only in their wildest dreams. She supports them to recognise, and let go of, what is holding them back from a life they adore, whilst working strategically with them to set up their business which helps them to create the life that they dream of!

Fiona understands what it's like to strip everything back and feel like you are starting again. To build a business from scratch not having a clue what you should be doing. To make mistakes, to lie awake at night worrying, to feel overwhelmed and confused daily. But she also knows what it takes to turn challenges into triumphs and create a business and life that provides her with the freedom she deserves.

And you deserve that too.

So, if you are ready to set up a business and create the life you are dreaming about, but feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about where to even start, Fiona will help you to take real action, quit the BS and move forward with confidence and clarity and start to realise that potential of yours.

Fiona Moss

More of you. More sass, more freedom, more abundance, more fire. MORE.

This is for you if you are ready for more.