Escape your unfulfilling job & achieve more WITH YOUR LIFE in a purpose-led Career

Want to change your career but no idea what to?


Including: 5 things to consider when changing career, Purpose Toolkit & Bonus resources




I know you. High-achiever, highly driven, doing everything you 'should' do, living up to social expectations, trying to perfect everything, to achieve key 'milestones', to 'ladder-climb' through your career.

But you are lacking real purpose. Deep down you know you aren't achieving your potential. 

I know you, because I was you.

Are you frustrated as you conform day in day out to the monotony of your unfulfilling job which brings you no sense of purpose? Are you asking "Is this it?"

Same. And so that's why I rebelled. That's why I challenged social expectations that told me I should stay in my soul sucking career and I took my life into my own hands, building a business, which gives me opportunity, fulfilment but most importantly purpose.


Let's                    the rules

My mission? To support you to do the same; to escape your unfulfilling  job, discover your  purpose and to transition into a career which not only allows you to create more for yourself but  brings real fulfilment to your life.

I re-wrote my story. Are you ready to re-write yours?

"The list is endless for what I have achieved working with you.

What we've gone through, I didn't even know was possible to be able to achieve "

“I knew things would change for me but I had never imagined how much my life would actually change!"

Sophie P: 1-2-1 client

Coaching Programme

Fiona's 121 package have been created specifically for those who have already decided on their new direction and who are now setting up their own business but overwhelmed and unclear on the right steps to take launch with real impact.
Designed to support you through the whole process of setting up a business, from understanding your purpose as a business to creating a clear strategy to ensure you  launch successfully.

Ready to step up and set up? 


Ready to re-write the rules and create more freedom, fulfilment and opportunity in a purpose-led career? 

Let me show you             

Are you fed up and ready to make a change in your career but no idea HOW or WHAT to?

This 12 week programme is for those who want to gain clarity around their new direction and confidence in making the transition into their new career path.

Setting up a new business?




Ready to do some work NOW to help you gain real clarity and confidence to help take action towards a more fulfilling career?

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"After years of feeling stuck I only wish I’d done it sooner"

Sophie: 1-2-1 client

There are countless online programmes and coaches which you could commit to, promising instant, significant change, an overnight story of success.

But my coaching is honest, so let’s start as we mean to go on. I can’t, and won't promise you that.

The reason? Because I know that there is no instant fix. Especially not real change, towards creating the fulfilling reality you really want.

To truly take back control of your life and achieve your potential, you need to challenge the status quo, your expectations, your surroundings, yourself.

How am I 


The answers you need come from hard questions. Questions you have been avoiding. I don’t shy away from these questions. I help you to face them but I ask you them from a place of understanding, from a place of experience, as someone who has been on the path you are on right now.

To create real change, you need to be ballsy, you need to be bold, you need be a rebel, you need to disrupt. You need to be ready to step up, to do things differently. 
Change isn't easy, but nothing worth it ever is!

& that's not easy

but that's why I am here

"Fiona has helped me be more resilient through changes in our life, and especially the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything feels like an opportunity now."

azu: 1-2-1 client

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