Uncover your purpose and challenge the norm, to do work which allows you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Create the life you desire.

Not your average Career Coach & Business Mentor

If it doesn't make you ache with pleasure it's time to say no.

Hey you, I’m Fiona Moss. 

And I am certainly not your average career and business coach.
Bold, sassy AF, unapologetically challenging the rules, doing things my way and seeking the most adventurous, wild, abundant life possible for me - and for you. 

Quit the bullshit and the excuses.

Stop dreaming of a life you could be living and level up your freedom, your wealth, your fulfilment.

I help you to....

...build a business which fires you up, is abundant and gives you the FREEDOM you desire.

...create a lifestyle which you fucking LOVE TO LIVE, not one you think you should live.

...step out your own way, to let go of outdated social rules holding you back and to connect back to the very essence of the UNAPOLOGETIC, WILD version of you.

...see what you deserve, to say no more to what you don't want and to accept nothing less than what lights you up from your very core, to accept nothing less than what makes you ACHE WITH PLEASURE.

...build a career that aligns with what matters to YOU, your values, your purpose. 


this is about...

Stripping back, letting go of expectations, letting go of society's shit rules of how we should live our lives, letting go of excuses about why you can’t create all you want in your own life. 

Stepping into your sassiest, sexiest self, creating a life where you achieve your fullest potential, where you are unapologetically you, where you live life rather than observe it. 

Where you are living a life of unrivalled freedom, a life where you take control, where you write your own rules, where you boldly push boundaries, create your own opportunities and never, ever, let anything stop you from having all that you want.

Whether you are looking for a career change, setting up a new purpose led business or looking to scale up your already established business to 6 figures and beyond then it’s time to do it. 

Time to be BOLD you sexy human 


"I know myself better than ever before. Fiona has helped me to get under the surface of who I am, To pause and remember “who is Nicola”, what excites me, what my values are and what brings me purpose. 
2021 has been a big year for me and I am so proud I have taken these steps for change and to step into my new business."



“Doing this alongside other awesome women makes it such an incredibly inspiring process. You know you’re not alone and when things get tough, there is always someone there to help you move to the next point. Massive credit to Fi for creating a format that is educational, challenging and supportive.”

Rebecca - Wild business owner 


“This programme is EPIC. Everything from the modules to the community. The biggest thing I’ve taken away is having the confidence to show up as the bad ass business boss I know I can be" 



"I can’t remember the last time my heart has felt this full.

Since doing your course I have gone on SUCH a journey, so much personal growth has happened and so many opportunities have opened themselves up.  I have built a life that I am truly happy and inspired by. I have things - friendships, opportunities, self love, excitement by life and direction - that I have always dreamt of but struggled to get/wasn’t sure I’d ever get back.

Thank you for making me realize that being me and looking after me is a good thing x"



I know that if I hadn’t of done Fiona’s program and had her support I would not of uncovered and faced so much and started to move forward as I am.

If you want to discover who you are, make a positive change in your life and if you are looking for a woman who can inspire, guide and support you then you need to work with Fiona right now! 


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